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3% Down Fannie Mae loan is a better fit than FHA if you have the score July 7, 2012

New 3% conventional product from New American Mortgage

New American Mortgage's 3% down payment product allows excellent credit score borrowers (over 680 FICO) to buy with less down payment than FHA and often with a better monthly payment. 

This is good only for Single Family homes and townhome.  Condos and multi-family are not eligible.

To qualify for the lower down payment amount our buyers must have:

·         2-months of total house payment must be in reserve (left over) after closing

o   The funds must be their own funds 60% of 401K or IRA would qualify

o   no gifts for reserves

·         Must have 3-active trade-lines

·         Must not had a mortgage default for 7-years or more

·         The 3% down payment must come from the borrowers own funds and must be seasoned

o   Ineligible source of funds

o   Unsecured loan from a relative, domestic partner or fiancé, employer, public agency or non-profit organization

o   Home Equity lines

o   Cash on hand

o   Community seconds/ DAPs

o   Gifts or loans from an interested party to the transaction

·         Borrower cannot own any other properties at closing.


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