Deanna Valeo

Rates to Rise in 2014? December 3, 2013

Freddie Mac economist, Frank Nothaft is saying that we can expect interest rates to be in the 5?s in 2014.  So as the saying goes, it's best to get while the getting is good.  Couple this with tighter underwriting and QM and as real estate agents and mortgage loan originators we'd better step up our game and start getting back to the basics.  And if you're a consumer, now would be a good time to get something started. Read the full article here.

Great testimonial from a realtor that made me really happy! December 10, 2013

This kind of feedback from a Realtor makes life so good......

"Thanks to Deanna Valeo for pulling off a "miracle" that will close this morning. Ryan and Kate (who have been a joy!) are moving to Charlotte because of Ryan's promotion. Their previous lender dropped the ball and Deanna saved the day and got the loan done and closed in 10 days. This whole transaction was a miracle that it happened and it would NOT have happened without the attention and determination of Deanna. The buyers had been referred to a nationally known lender through a relocation company and that truck was fast headed for the ditch!  When I suggested we switch lenders, the buyers were willing and Deanna went into overdrive. Absolutely amazing! Communication from both Deanna and from Fairway is superb which is why I will continue to refer client after client.  I honestly cannot think of anything that would have made this a better experience for the buyers and for me.  Well...maybe a bottle of wine at the end, but other than that!  Excellent job and thank you! Yay Ryan and Kate. Yay Deanna. Yay Fairway Mortgage. I love you all and this is why I love Real Estate! - J. Conrad Miller, Keller Williams

Thank you, Conrad for entrusting your clients to me and that we were able to help them out of a very sticky situation. This makes my job so rewarding and satisfying! Merry Christmas to you all! 

Happy Clients! Happy Deanna! December 19, 2013

Received this fabulous report from one of our new clients moving to Charlotte.......

"My family was in the process of relocating from St. Louis, MO to Charlotte, NC. We had been working with a large national bank for our financing months in advance, to ensure there would be no issues with our loan closing. Two weeks before closing we were told there was an issue, and the bank would not be able to provide the loan we had agreed upon. 

We were referred to Deanna two weeks before our closing date, which included the Thanksgiving Holiday. I explained our situation and she dropped everything to immediately start working on our file to ensure my family would have a place to live.

Deanna was a pleasure to work with, always keeping a positive attitude and calmly working through issues as they arose. She made herself available 24/7 and was extremely responsive. It was clear she was a pro in all aspects of the mortgage lending world. 

Deann was able to pull everything together and we closed on time. I'm not the type to sugarcoat surveys, however in this instance I felt Deanna deserved to be recognized for doing such a great job. I have already recommended her to friends, and plan to go through Deanna for future refi's, if rates go down. 

If not for Deanna's great work, my family would not have had a place to live. We are grateful to have been introduced to Deanna. Thanks. Ryan McHugh."

What a great way to end the year!