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Raving Fans : What our Clients and Colleagues Say

We are always gratified to hear that we're succeeding in our goal to have everyone we work with become a "raving fan," and
we're pleased to offer assurance from our clients and colleagues - in their own words - that when you work with us, you're in good hands.

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What our new Homeowners say.....

"Yes, I am finally a homeowner! After many years leasing (too many to mention) and several inquires with other mortgage companies; Fairway (Deanna Valeo) helped me achieve my dream.  Deanna took the time to look at my situation specifically and outlined the steps I needed to take in order to make home ownership a reality.  After six months, a lot of dedication to the process and great advice along the way, we were able to set a closing date! BAM!... just call me Mrs. Homeowner!  This has been one of the best, most rewarding experiences of my life!  Thank you Deanna!  Thank you Fairway Independent Mortgage!"
Lea A., New Homeowner

"The best part was getting the clear so we could close. It was such a relief to finally know the house was going to be ours. Every question we could think of was carefully and thoughtfully responded to by you and your team. Being first time home buyers we had so many questions and it was so helpful to work with a team that took the time to go over everything with us and really breakdown anything we didn't understand, so that it was easily comprehensible. I wish everyone could have access to such wonderful people who really work with you and for you, to make sure you get the house of your dreams. This whole experience was one I'd been looking forward to, but also dreading because it's really scary to make such a big purchase with your hard earned money. I feel so lucky that I could just sit back and trust in the team of people helping us."
- Laura W, New Homeowner

"I appreciated the personal interaction with both you and Todd.  In a world of automation, it was nice to feel comfortable to call and talk with you if I had questions. Some of the time you need an actual conversation to truly understand something.  E-mails do not always work.  Thanks for always being available for me. This is a scary or at least somewhat intimidating process for many people, I think you do a fantastic job of explaining options, pros and cons, and make great suggestions."
- Crystal B, New Homeowner
"The best part of my home loan experience was my interaction with Deanna and Kelly. They were both very helpful! My realtor, Natalie Terry suggessted I work with you and the process was pretty cut and dried. Your communication with me was very informative and I would recommend you to others, as you are on top of things and easy to work with."
- Brandy M, new Homeowner

" The best part of the process was the Approval and the Appraisal, and the fact that both Kelly and Deanna were very patient and extremely helpful as we prepared all the financial documents. Being able to speak with them and problem solve was very helpful. We were referred by friends who used them before and loved them - Tommy B and Justin L. I will definitely recommend the Valeo Croy Team. The biggest thing is the customer service and Deanna's financial knowledge. She was very helpful as we re-structured our situation. The team was excellent!"
- Adam & Diana B, new Homeowners

"Fairway has a team of professionals in place waiting to help. I have banked with a large local bank for 10 years and they pre-approved me for a home loan. Shortly after which I noticed a breakdown in their communication with me and felt they would take much longer to close on a loan due to me being a smaller fish in their sea. I was introduced to Deanna and right away I could feel the difference in her communication and passion to help me with my home buying process. This was my first home buying experience and they helped me through the entire process. I would recommend Fairway to anyone looking to purchase a home."
-Tripp M, First-time Homeowner

"We are grateful to Deanna Valeo and her team at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. for their excellent work during our loan underwriting process. Deanna kept open lines of communication during the entire process, and made sure we understood the expectations, timelines, and documentation requirements. Deanna and her staff were professional in every way and were available when we had questions or concerns about the process. We highly recommend Deanna Valeo to anyone who may be in the market for a new home for their mortgage financing needs. Thank you!"
- Renato S, New Homeowner

"I was so happy to be working with Deanna.  She was always available to answer my questions either by email or telephone.  She made me feel like I was the only customer she had.  Fairway created an outstanding home buying experience for me.  I am already making referals!"
- Mark D, Homeowner

"The best part was having a professional like Deanna, handle all of the paperwork and submittals that are required within the loan process.  This is not something that I would have wanted to handle without the expertise of a loan professional, and I feel certain that it was a smooth process because of her expertise in the industry. I always felt that that, which needed to be handled, was under the watchful eye of Deanna, Kelly and Fairway and they were doing whatever was necessary to make the process easy for me, the borrower, and to make it happen as quickly as possible, even under constraints from another bank situation tied to my home.
- Stephen M, Homeowner

" Deanna and her team worked tirelessly for us.  She set expectations from day one for what needed to happen in order for us to buy a home and more importantly close.  We had been working on our credit over the past year and had spoken with other lenders, who would fade away because we were not perfect.  Deanna was able to provide guidance for the steps that would ensure we would be successful. She repeatedly said "You will close, I promise."  Even though new challenges came up and even up to the last day that we had close, worrying that we would lose the house, we were nervous.  Deanna said "You have done everything right and deserve this house.  I will make that happen."  During the process we called and emailed her a million times and she always made us feel like her only clients.  There are no words for how grateful we are."
- Stephan & Jessica S, new homeowners and credit repair 'Stars!'

"At times the process of buying a home as a first buyer felt overwhelming and we never sure if we were asking the correct questions or missing something.  Our agent Rhonda Copp did an amazing job of negotiating a repair issue that we thought might kill our deal.  The Valeo-Croy Team were referred to us by a co-worker at the bank where Ashley works.  We had the option of employee lending but Deanna and Kelly were always immediately available. We knew we could never get that sort of customer service anywhere else. Todd prepared an amazing "shopping" excel spreadsheet that helped us see how the payments and closing costs would look for different price points.  It took the mystery out of whether the homes we looked at would fit our budget.  Thank you!  We cannot wait to share our experience with anyone else we know who wants to buy a home
- Jared & Ashley W, first-time homeowners & Veteran

"I work for a local bank and explored my employee lending options with them.  There were some incentive as an employee but after not getting a return call three times in a row, I realized that it wasn't worth it to pursue the mortgage with them.  Deanna, Todd, & Kelly were always available on the other end of the phone or by email. I so appreciated the special effort they made to arrange face to face meetings so that I was completely comfortable with all the paperwork. I have referred several friends to my Realtor Rhonda Copp and the Valeo-Croy Team.  One of my co-workers has already closed with them too."
- Aman G, new homeowner

"As a first time buyer I have heard many horror stories of what it takes to get through the loan process. Deanna, Todd and their assistant, Kelly made this so amazingly easy.  One of the team was always available, either by phone or email, to help me with questions or concerns.  I am so excited to be a home owner and really glad my Mom could join me at the closing.  Buying this home is an amazing milestone in my life!"
- Monica V, First-Time Homeowner

"The best part of my home loan experience was that I had a trusted team working for me. I would have been lost without them. All the communication was perfect. It was smooth and efficient. No time wasted! As a first time homebuyer with little experience and time, you guys really helped me and didn't make me feel like a burden at all. Your team was always kind and professional. Thank you!"
- Sara K, Middle School Teacher & Volley Ball Coach

"I was so happy to be working with Deanna.  She was always available to answer my questions either by email or telephone.  She made me feel like I was the only customer she had.  Fairway created an outstanding home buying experience for me.  I am already making referals!
- Mark D, new homeowner

"Clearly, the best part was having a professional like Deanna, handle all of the paperwork and submittals that are required within the loan process.  This is not something that I would have wanted to handle without the expertise of a loan professional, and I feel certain that it was a smooth process because of her expertise in the industry. Deanna has a delightful personality, and is very easy to work with under what could have been stressful circumstances.  I found the loan officer assistant, also to be helpful during this process and my experience with Fairway, would only be evaluated through my positive experience with Deanna and her team."
 - Stephen M, Refinance Client. Thanks Closing Attorney Raymond Lancaster, of Lancaster & Trotter, P.A. and Lynne Johnson of Savvy & Co who referred Stephen to us.

"This process was so unbelievably smooth and quick!  No stress whatsoever.  Fairway and The Valeo-Croy Team are the best!" (NOTE: Ed and Jenny have been our neighbors and friends for many years.  They were solicited by their "bank" for a refinance and asked us to take a look at it.  Within 24 hours we set them up with a lower rate and closing costs, saved them approximately $350 a month in mortgage payments with the additional savings of being able to skip two mortgage payments.) Many Thanks tClosing Attorney: Tina Broadway of Lutzel & Broadway 
- Ed & Jenny F, Refinance Clients 

"Rick and I want to thank you for making our first-time home buying experience, so painless.  You were so patient and thorough with our many questions, and we really appreciated the time that you spent working through everything with us. We had a wonderful experience working with you, and we look forward to the opportunity to recommend you to our friends!"
- Rick & Bridget S, First-Time Home Buyer

" You have been such a wonderful person to work with, and have made all of this go so smoothly. I will be recommending your business to everyone I know! Throughout the whole experience, I felt as if I was the only person you were working with you really give attention to detail and let me know exactly what I needed to give you. I always felt as if I could call, email, text you with a question and that I wasn't bothering you at all. I seriously can't think of one thing you could have done any better. You made a very overwhelming experience seem so smooth. You were always in contact and really made me feel like no question was "silly" and really took your time to explain things every step of the way. I just want to sincerely thank you for the amazing service you have provided throughout this whole process. I feel like thank you doesn't even begin to cover it. Everyone kept saying how stressful and crazy this can be, and I never felt that way. You have been so supportive and genuine, I feel fortunate that I got to work with you. 
- Erin P, Homeowner

"My wife Missy and I can't say enough good things about the quality of service we received from Deanna Valeo. She was extremely knowledgable, responsive, professional, friendly and competitive.  She was always available to answer any question day or night and her knowledge and advice extended well beyond conventional mortgage topics and even helped guide us through some turbulence on the sale of our existing home. Despite some unexpected delays on our closing process (our sale was delayed due to incompetance on the part of our buyer's lending firm), Deanna was always available and accommodating every step of the way, and offered some good advice that we passed along to our buyers. Even though, we are sure she maintains a very full list of clients, we were treated as if we were her most important customer throughout the entire process! I have already sung her praises to friends purchasing a home and friends I know in the real estate industry. Thank you Deanna for being so helpful and professional!
- Phil & Missy B, Homeowners

"On a whim I looked at townhomes on my birthday in January.  A month later I became a first time homeowner!  The transaction was so easy because I'm generally very organized and Fairway's processing is extremely efficient.  The loan was approved and ready for closing within a week.  The only thing that we had to wait on to send the closing package, was information from the homeowner's association.  I was nervous about buying my first home but was pleasantly surprised at how simple the entire process was working with Deanna Valeo.  I really appreciated the regular updates and had no delays or "surprises".  I am now looking forward to decorating and settling into my new home."
- Emily C, First time Homeowner  & Rhonda C, Realtor on this deal

"My wife and I were recommended to call Fairway Mortgage (specifically Deanna Valeo) after our first mortgage mysteriously fell apart the day of closing. We were originally with a certain banking institution that shall not be named. I called Deanna that same day saying, "Help us, Deanna Valeo, you're our only hope," and, one week and a couple of hundred emails and phone calls later, we had an approved mortgage and a new close date, far earlier than the bank would have been able to get it back together. Deanna was helpful, transparent, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable throughout the process. I never felt like I was in the dark, and I trusted that they would come through. I wish we had just gone with them in the first place! Throughout the entire process, Deanna and the rest of the team at Fairway continuously emailed updates on the loan process. Any time something changed, I received an email. It was fantastic and seriously helped relieve what was already a very stressful situation. They really came together quickly to help us, and I will be forever grateful to them for doing so. Deanna even worked on the weekend to get the loan package done quickly, during her wedding anniversary no less! Fairway Mortgage goes above and beyond to make sure the process is as painless as possible, and I cannot recommend them enough. You're our Obi-Wan Kenobi!"
- Nathan B & Jessica G, Homeowners

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Deanna. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous"
- Stephen M, Homeowner

"My family was in the process of relocating from St. Louis, MO to Charlotte, NC. We had been working with a large national bank for our financing months in advance, to ensure there would be no issues with our loan closing. Two weeks before closing we were told there was an issue, and the bank would not be able to provide the loan we had agreed upon. We were referred to Deanna two weeks before our closing date, which included the Thanksgiving Holiday. I explained our situation and she dropped everything to immediately start working on our file to ensure my family would have a place to live. Deanna was a pleasure to work with, always keeping a positive attitude and calmly working through issues as they arose. She made herself available 24/7 and was extremely responsive. It was clear she was a pro in all aspects of the mortgage lending world. Deanna was able to pull everything together and we closed on time. I'm not the type to sugarcoat surveys, however in this instance I felt Deanna deserved to be recognized for doing such a great job. I have already recommended her to friends, and plan to go through Deanna for future refi's if rates go down.  If not for Deanna's great work, my family would not have had a place to live. We are grateful to have been introduced to Deanna. Thanks.
- Ryan M, Homeowner

"I truly felt cared for, and I feel that Deanna has the perfect personality and does her job so well. I was quite impressed at how quickly she responded to my every call. I had numerous questions and she was exceptional and I felt like she was always taking care of me and looking out for my best interest."
- Shelia P, Homeowner

"The customer service that Deanna provided and the short turn around time, made the process great. We found Deanna on Facebook and we were informed of every step of the process and given a time frame of how long each step should take. At closing we signed and closed within 30 minutes!"
- Jim and Catherine D, Homeowners  (who also referred Denise Somers to us - referrals are our best compliment!)

" The best thing was to find a dedicated person, who came highly recommended, that took all the pressure out of the process and took time and care of all our silly and sincere questions as a first time home buyer relocating from outside the US. Everything was a perfect 10! Deanna always provided prompt and comprehensive responses. We felt very well informed throughout the process from start to finish. I would absolutely recommend Deanna, who provided the very best personal service, great interest rate, and a very smooth process. Thanks again!"
- Rainer H, First Time Homeowner in the US

"I was very pleased that, even when we faced unforseen challenges along the way (especially with an errant appraisal), Deanna always had a potential solution or two in hand before she even alerted me to the problem.  She was proactive and engaged in understanding obstacles and moving past them. I was recommended to Deanna by Lexie Longstreet of Savvy & Co, and the paperwork was a breeze. I will recommend Deanna, most assuredly, chiefly because of her client focus and the expertise of her personnel.
- Michael C, Homeowner

"I was able to handle everything from home or work and I always got a quick response. Deanna was very professional and willing to go out of her way to be helpful. I appreciated her flexibility, especially when we changed houses."
- Michael E, CEO Goodwill Industries, Charlotte, NC

"Thank you so much for everything! I am beyond excited for my house. Best part of my loan was how accessible Deanna was to me. She even drove to me, to help move the process along when signatures were needed.  She served me with 100% and our communication was very helpful and very beneficial through this process which was painless, extremely fast and efficient. Thank you so much for your help with my first home."
- Christina P, New Homeowner

Even the Mom's love us......
" I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work while helping Christina with her loan.  You were so professional and helpful and it was truly a pleasure working with you.  Not to mention how seamless and easy the whole process was. We will definitely refer you to everyone we know. Thank you for helping make Christina's dream come true!"
- Irene P, Mother of new Homeowner

"The best part of our home loan experience was the constant communication we received regarding the status of our loan.  I really appreciated Deanna's promptness in returning emails and phone calls. Our realtor, Cindy Campbell put us in touch with her. Her communication was not only adequate, it exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend Deanna to others and will remember her when we purchase our next home."
- Jennifer and Russell F, Homeowners

 "Deanna was on top of everything and did not continuously ask me for additional documents.  Her efficiency was incredible. I found her through my realtor and there was nothing she could have done to serve me better. Communication was excellent, direct, to the point and what was needed. I would absolutely recommend her to others.  I have closed on over 8 houses, and this was by far the easiest loan process I have ever been through.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Margaret F, Homeowner

"From start to finish Deanna was my rock, she kept be involved every step of the way and I never had to wonder if everything was going as planned My former boss, Jim Dobbs, saw Deanna on Facebook and refinanced his home with her in record breaking time and had a great experience. There is nothing that she could have done better, we threw her curve balls every step of the way (5 potential houses with 6 weeks to close) and they were all very easily handled.  Communication was amazing, the e-mail blasts to keep us apprised of the status were great, we didn't really need to check the web-site because she had already told us what we needed to know and Deanna was always quick to respond to my multitude of e-mails. We have already recommended her to everyone we know that is looking to finance / re-finance
Deanna is amazing and we are so grateful that we found her! Please share this survey with others, it is all true and I know we are not the exception because she treats her customers as her friends and that makes all the difference when you are going through this experience."
- Brian & Denise S, Homeowners

"It was really easy and no hassle. I was referred by Hans Wormley and being our first time going through this process, we don't have nothing to compare it to, but I thought everything was great! Deanna was friendly, hard working, and easy to work with."
-Luke W, First time Home Buyer

"Deanna worked our mortgage in three weeks as we were running out of time before our lease ended. She also worked different avenues to get us the best deal and rate. Deanna made all paperwork and documentation quick and relatively painless. Great to work with."
- Tim O, Homeowner

"Deanna worked tirelessly to help us with a mortgage. She was punctual, professional, and is the epitome of "above and beyond." Deanna and her team met with us, giving us recommendations and solutions we never knew existed. She really knows Charlotte and the surrounding area, and always seems happy to meet new people and new challenges."
- Pamela B, Homeowner

"After having a bad experience with a previous mortgage consultant, Deanna was a breath of fresh air. She was very courteous and answered all our questions quickly. We were able to secure our loan in a short amount of time and without any hassles. I only wish that we could have found her sooner so that we could have gotten in, when interest rates were lower."
- Jeffrey , Homeowner

"Deanna is the perfect person to accomplish any task. She is extremely intelligent, can digest a lot of information quickly and explain it to you in such a way that you do not feel like you're being talked down to. She moves quickly and is decisive. Yet, she is completely personable and takes notice of the small things. Birthday cards, gifts for a new baby, an extra few minutes help reviewing a document to soothe the concerns of a nervous homebuyer. These are all done without show or flash or seemingly effort. It comes naturally. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is if you have the opportunity to work with Deanna and her team you will never, ever be disappointed in any way."
- Howie Paul H, Homeowner

"Deanna Valeo is amazing. She made the impossible possible by getting me the loan I needed to close on my house. I look forward to working with her again in the future. She is the best at what she does." Trevor Adams. Homeowner"Deanna made my relocation and new home purchase stress free ! She demonstrated her knowledge of in-depth mortgage requirements/changes while also openly sharing information on surrounding Charlotte areas and respectable business owners to assist in my process. She was more than a gem!"
- Gina V, Homeowner

"Deanna makes the loan process a very simple endeavor for busy professionals. She takes care of all the details and all I have to do is show up for closings. Her knowledge of the industry makes her the go to person for not only mortgage/loan questions but also for real estate investment as well."
- Yanti S, Homeowner

"We have had great experiences with Deanna both in buying our home and refinancing our home! She is simply the best at what she does. We will always come to her with our home financing needs! The best mortgage banker in Charlotte!" 
- Kelly Y Homeowner

"My wife Tiffany and I have utilized the services of Deanna on a few occasions and we have personally recieved great service and support. We have also witnessed the same great service and support in Deanna's dealings with other friends and associates."
- Mark and Tiffany S, Homeowner.

"You all worked very hard to make the loan happen and you do not give up, and did everything possible to make it a very good experience."
-  Sandra A, Homeowner.

"After receiving poor service from two other companies that were unable to close my loan, I reached out to find out who the best in the business was. My search brought me to Deanna Valeo and her team and she certainly lived up to the reputation! I could tell from the very beginning that she knew exactly what she was doing. Down to every detail, she never missed a beat. We were even able to close before the original date she gave me. Make sure you have solid references for your broker, I never realized how important that was until now.?"
Barton L, Homeowner.

 "I really cannot express how pleased I have been with the professionalism, knowledge, and dedication of you and your fellow staff. Thanks for all that you did to help make our dream become a reality."
- Kesha and Chris L, Homeowner

"The Valeo-Croy Team was A++++ in my book. They went over and beyond, and communication was excellent. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't change a thing. You all were helpful in every aspect of what I needed and wanted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
-  Andrew W, Homeowner 

"I look forward to working with you again (hopefully soon). This was the first time I've closed on time! Thank you!"
- Rex O, Homeowner and Real Estate Investor

"Deanna and Todd provide top-notch service and go the extra mile to get the job done right and with great integrity. I greatly appreciate how they kept me informed throughout the process of purchasing my first home. I look forward to working with Deanna and Todd on future mortgage transactions, and feel very fortunate to have found quality people to work with for years to come."
- Thomas S of Internal Fitness Systems, Homeowner 

"Deanna worked with me to refinance my mortgage on my primary residence. She did not work so much to sell her services, as she did to educate me on my options. In the end, it was the lack of pressure and keen desire to help that impressed me most. Working with her made me feel like I had a friend helping me. Deanna knows the business inside and out, and showed me her expertise by showing me all the options, and why one was better than the other. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help buying or re-financing a first house or investment property."
- Will L of  Digital Sabre Solutions, Homeowner

"Deanna, you and your team are awesome. You really have a great system and are on the ball. Your follow-up is second to none. Thanks for all your help."
- Mark L, Real Estate Investor

"I buy and sell houses for a living, and I've dealt with a number of highly disappointing mortgage lenders, but dealing with Deanna is a completely different experience. She understands the numbers; she understands the goal and will tell you how to get what you want. She is clear, concise, very smart, moves fast, and gets things done. Her follow-up and follow through is unbelievable. She preps documents and gets paperwork to you that is easy to understand. She does not drop the ball, or drag her feet. She pushes you to get the deal done. This level of professionalism is unheard-of. The usual routine is you are nagging the lender to call you back and help you, and they are slow and unresponsive. She is truly worlds apart from anyone else I've ever dealt with, and I've dealt with a lot of them. It's not surprising that she's wildly successful."
- Angie P, Homeowner 

"I had the pleasure of working with Deanna, on the recommendation of a friend, when I purchased my first home three years ago. I was completely new to the process. Thank God for Deanna! Her expertise is extensive - and she has the patience to hand-hold someone like me. Last year, when interest rates dropped, she made sure I jumped in and refinanced when the time was right. She has never steered me wrong!"
- Cindy L of  Seven Stones Writing, Homeowner

"Deanna was referred to me for the purchase of my new to be built home in early 2009. I have purchased existing homes in the past but this was my first new construction. Throughout the process Deanna was professional, honest, and followed up at every opportunity. She is extremely knowledgeable and I appreciated her input. I cannot say anything negative at all about my experience with her and highly recommend her services."
- Beth A, Homeowner

"I hired Deanna in the summer of 2008 to get a mortgage on a new home. I approached her with an urgent need during an out of state relocation. She achieved all of my objectives in a very professional manner, while calming my concerns and enabling me to continue to focus on my new business responsibilities. I recommend Deanna Valeo to anyone looking for a mortgage.
- Rob C, Homeowner

"Deanna Valeo is amazing. She made the impossible possible by getting me the loan I needed to close on my house. I look forward to working with her again in the future. She is the best at what she does."
- Trevor A of  Trevor Adams TV, Homeowner

"Todd's agency provides expert customer service and value. He represents a team of professionals who deliver on their promises. I would not hesitate to use him again."
- Harry H of  Sonic Automotive, Homeowner

"An amazing job performed by an amazing team! Some of the best customer service I've ever experienced in any industry. An impossible time frame, and an exceptional job! I don't know how Todd pulled this together, but he rocked. He gets all my business!"
- Daniel M, Homeowner

"After all I had been through in my attempt to get a loan, it was a huge relief to work with The Valeo-Croy Team. I was beyond impressed with their personable and prompt service, and was immediately reassured and felt confident things would work out. I truly felt your team cared and wanted the best for me. I also feel that without you, I would not be the proud owner of my first house! Thank you for everything, especially the amazing service from Todd."
- Anna G, Homeowner

"The Valeo-Croy Team is great. They were with me from beginning to end. Deanna searched and searched for programs that would fit my needs in buying a home. It's almost been a year now since I've bought my first home and I love it!"
- Cynthia D-M, Homeowner 

"The Valeo-Croy Team was so wonderful! They were very responsive and helped me through every step of my first home buying experience. I could not have asked for a better team!"
- Holly B, Homeowner

"I really believe they had my best interests in mind. Super Service! Everything as promised. I trust them!"
- Ed F, Homeowner

"Deanna was excellent to work with on our mortgages. She was timely, answered all our questions, and gave us several options to fit our financing. We always felt like she had our best interest at heart and was a pleasure to work with."
- Alice H, Homeowner 

"Thank you for all your hard work and can-do attitude. We will always be grateful to you."
- Bob & Kathy F, Homeowners

"Thank you to all at The Valeo-Croy Team for the superior handling of my sister's home mortgage package. Attorney James Ellis was also impressed with your work in creating the best loan possible. I look forward to any opportunity to recommend your team."
- Sandi H, Homeowner

"It seemed like I had a lot of snags on my refinance, but Deanna expertly navigated through all of those issues. The outcome: my interest rate was lowered by more than 1% and $200 less per month. I'm extremely pleased with the results!"
- Denise C of  DiCi Services - Residential and Commercial Cleaning, Homeowner

"I've worked with Deanna more than once and I've always been pleased with the experience. Most recently, I refinanced thorough her and she advised me on what to expect and how to be prepared to take the best advantage of the changing interest rates. I will definitely consult Deanna on any future mortgage needs."
- Kamala H, Homeowner

"Yeah!!! We did it. I could not have done this without you, Deanna. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. I will never forget how you stood in my corner through this whole process. Again, thank you!"
- Melinda E, Homeowner

"I would like to let you know that it has been such a pleasure working with your team. You both have been diligent and understanding professionals who have made me feel as if you are looking out for our best interest. Although I know this is a business, and in a business money must be made, at no time have I felt as if your team was trying to convince me into something."
- Jachira C, Homeowner 

"Deanna was wonderful! She was honest and realistic so we knew what to expect. She was patient with us and really took the time to make sure we understood. She also brought it all together faster than we expected!"
- Brady B, Homeowner

"I used The Valeo-Croy team for my mortgage and then for a re-fi. I'd be hard-pressed to find anyone I'd rather use. Todd did a brilliant job and he is head and shoulders above the rest. Closing was a breeze and the deal was sweet!"
- Dr. Bruce S of Execuread, Homeowner

"Deanna is the perfect person to accomplish any task. She is extremely intelligent, can digest a lot of information quickly and explain it to you in such a way that you do not feel like you're being talked down to. She moves quickly and is decisive. Yet, she is completely personable and takes notice of the small things. Birthday cards, gifts for a new baby, an extra few minutes help reviewing a document to soothe the concerns of a nervous homebuyer. I have worked with Deanna several times and every interaction leaves a smile on my face and the satisfying feeling that my interests are what's driving her actions. She even recommended I go with another mortgage carrier once because that firm presented the best option for me. Despite choosing that other firm in that situation, my loyalty to Deanna is complete. She will always be the first call I make when I need a mortgage, refinancing or just advice on what I should do or consider regarding home lending. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is if you have the opportunity to work with Deanna and her team you will never, ever be disappointed in any way."
- Howie H, Homeowner

"Twice we have used The Valeo-Croy Team, and we will be back someday in the future because of their professional, no-pressure services."
- Rick B, Homeowner

"Excellent Service. No worries with closing with Deanna and Todd's help! They seriously took the stress away!"
- Gregory & Gail W, Homeowners

"If you are in the market for a mortgage, or thinking about it, you owe it to yourself to talk to Deanna and Todd. They are on the ball! They will tell you how things are rather than what you want to hear, and although that may not be what you'd like to hear at the time, it eliminates costly surprises."
- Turk A of  Sit Means Sit Dog Training, Homeowner

"Todd has been a great help in many of our real estate deals. He has provided an excellent mortgage service on our personal properties and our Blue Sky Homes of Carolinas business. Never late, always on track and innovative. His knowledge of real estate and finance has always helped us in making the right decisions to maximize our results."
- Hassan P-R, Homeowner 

"Todd provided our mortgage refinancing for both of our properties and worked through some difficult issues with excellent results. He and his firm do a great job and truly look out for their client's best interests."
- Stuart S of , March Forth With Hope Homeowner

"You guys are doing a terrific job. Makes me want to go out and buy a dozen houses just so I can do business with you!"
- William G, Homeowner

"I wanted to thank you for all your help with my father's refinance. You were always very helpful and everything went smooth and fast. Thanks for all your hard work!"
- Anamaria M, Daughter of Homeowner 

"The Loan Goddess lives! I knew you were good...but now it has been proven!"
- Marcia D of  Keller Williams Realty, Homeowner

"You two (Deanna and Todd) are the quintessential professionals!"
- Ann & Ron Y of  Keller Williams Realty, Homeowners

"I greatly value your help, honesty and friendliness. Finding someone you can trust is one thing. Finding someone trustworthy and friendly wow, that's gold!"
- Jackie B, Homeowner

"I just want to kiss you every time I get a mortgage statement!"
- Juli T, Homeowner

"Thank you for a very easy closing! It's a pleasure to work with professionals."
- Steve Y, Real Estate Investor, Advantage Realty & Management

"We appreciate your hard work, especially considering our compressed time frame. Everyone did such a great job and we are so happy to have worked with such great people!"
- Elizabeth O, Homeowner

"Thank you for putting this together so quickly. I like working with people who under-promise and OVER deliver."
- Lisa F, Real Estate Investor

"Thanks again for all that you did to get us to closing yesterday. It was a pleasure working with you because you stayed on top of things and always returned emails and phone calls quickly. The personal touch that you give is great. We'll definitely recommend you to our friends."
- Daniel W, Homeowner

"It seemed like getting the mortgage was the easiest thing. Chris better recommend you to other clients. I know I will. Thanks Again!"
- Laura M, Homeowner

"I've said it before and I'll say it're awesome, and that's why I like doing business with you!"
- Julie A, Homeowner and Real Estate Investor

"I recommended your superior lending services to a local investor here in Salisbury who has a new home for sale in a USDA qualified area. It was a pleasure working with you on the Division Avenue house. The new buyers are very happy. We'll have to do another one soon."
- Cherrathea H, Real Estate Investor

"Thank you so much for helping the 'kids' get through the mortgage maze. I really appreciate all you did. They are working like beavers to get it fixed up the way they want."
- JC U, Real Estate Investor, Metrolina Real Estate Investors Association



What the Realtors say......

"Deanna Valeo is wonderful at her job! She is 5 stars for me!! She not only is super knowledgeable but she makes sure you're on track with everything with a simple and detailed checklist throughout the loan process. This is the single most important thing that will allow for a smooth closing, making sure you're on top of every step. Deanna goes out of her way in order to make the deal happen. She's able to take something that's usually complicated to understand for your average person and explain it in simple terms that makes her clients feel super comfortable. I would describe Deanna as a "go-getter". She has a ton of energy and she puts it all into helping out her clients. She's passionate and willing to help anyone achieve their dreams of getting a mortgage and being a homeowner. I will definitely continue to refer Deanna to all my friends and family as I'm able to TRUST her, which is the best attribute that anyone could have these days."
- Realtor Kevin Fu Paragon Real Estate Group

"Fairway did a great job of communicating important milestones in the loan process.  I never once had to ask the buyers' agent how the loan process was going and I never had to pick up the phone and call Fairway. I really appreciate that. The loan was approved and the home closed on time.  I will recommend Fairway in the future.  Thank you very much for being so professional and efficient."
- Realtor Julie O, Keller Williams, Fort Mill, SC

"I will definitely refer you to other buyers. Your communication with me and my client was "spot on", in that it was frequent and always had answers to our questions.  I appreciated staying in the loop as well. The loan turn around time was unsurpassed!  I am looking forward to working with you again.
- Realtor, Barbara E, of Allen Tate Realty.

"As always it was a pleasure to work with you.  You and your team are always fast and efficient and go out of your way to make me feel like I am always your top priority.  I will be using you again and always recommend you as my clients' first stop, in looking for a way to finance the biggest investment of their lives."

- Wallace C, Mathers Realty
"Communicated with me just enough for me to be aware of the status of the loan. This was perfect without being too much.
In a current business environment that seems to set up obstacles in the way of getting my job done, what a relief that you provided excellent service with a thorough knowledge of how to reach a successful closing on this transaction. Rather than creating roadblocks, you and your company made it happen."
 - Bob R, Rossier Realty

"One of the things I appreciate about Fairway is the great email chain of communication. Thank you Deanna for doing such a terrific job in a pinch.  I know the buyers (and Seller) all had nothing but praise for you and your team.  I couldn't have been happier with the results!"
 - Julie T, Homes with Cachet

"Communication was fantastic between Deanna, me and my buyer.  Loan approval was secured in plenty of time to meet our Due Diligence period and the closing date. I have no recommendations at this time for a smoother transaction and yes, I would recommend Deanna and Fairway to other agents and clients."
- Michelle K, Keller Williams Realty, Ballantyne (working with her client Stephen Mullis)

"Deanna is an awesome Mortgage Professional.  She is very patient, kind, and knowledgeable.  She was a true joy to work with and I know my buyer would agree. As a broker, it is always good to have a mortgage professional that knows there job and honestly care about the client and that is truly Deanna Valeo! Keep up the awesome work you are doing Deanna and I look forward to working with you in the future!"
- Angelo D, Dozier Real Estate (working with his client Shirley Lewis)

"Thanks to Deanna Valeo for pulling off a "miracle" that will close this morning. Ryan and Kate (who have been a joy!) are moving to Charlotte because of Ryan's promotion. Their previous lender dropped the ball and Deanna saved the day and got the loan done and closed in 10 days. This whole transaction was a miracle that it happened and it would NOT have happened without the attention and determination of Deanna. The buyers had been referred to a nationally known lender through a relocation company and that truck was fast headed for the ditch!  When I suggested we switch lenders, the buyers were willing and Deanna went into overdrive. Absolutely amazing! Communication from both Deanna and from Fairway is superb which is why I will continue to refer client after client.  I honestly cannot think of anything that would have made this a better experience for the buyers and for me.  Well...maybe a bottle of wine at the end, but other than that!  Excellent job and thank you! Yay Ryan and Kate. Yay Deanna. Yay Fairway Mortgage. I love you all and this is why I love Real Estate!
- J. Conrad M, Keller Williams

"The whole Fairway experience was above and beyond and I will always refer people to you! Your communication was not only outstanding, but greatly appreciated.  Usually, we are following up with the lenders and instead, you were following up with US and that makes everyone's jobs a lot easier. The approval was absolutely painless and it went through underwriting before you could blink.  We were able to close a week early thanks to your processors. 

The only thing you can do is continue to maintain your high standards of practice - and send me more people! I have no reservations about referring buyers and home owners to you because I know you will respond immediately and take extremely good care of them.  Fantastic job!
"This was my first experience with Fairway and it was an unexpected delight.  Needs were not only met, they were anticipated and met proactively and with the utmost of professionalism.  This particular transaction involved some unusual challenges - namely the attorney who was chosen by Fannie Mae and beyond our control.  If not for you, we would not have closed on time.  It is that simple.  Excellent job done by an excellent loan officer at an excellent lender.  I couldn't be happier.  Thank you."
- Conrad M, REALTOR/Broker NC & SC, Keller Williams Realty

"Thank you for making my client Christina's first home buying experience a great one! The communication is always better than any other lender I have worked with and the approval process seems to always be painless. I cannot think of anything you could improve on. As far as recommending you? There is no one I would rather work with."
-Wendy P, Keller Williams Realty

"Deanna kept me in the loop and if I had a question I just called and asked and if she did not have the answer right then she found out right away and got back to me. We were approved in plenty of time to close and I cannot think of anything you could have done better to serve me or my client. I definitely will and have referred you to others. Thank you, Deanna for all of your hard work and keeping myself and buyer up to speed every step of the way during the loan approval process.  That made closing so easy. The agent I worked with on this deal was very impressed with Deanna and she may be hearing from her down the road.  Thank you again for a great job!"
- Michelle K, Keller Williams Realty, Ballantyne Area Market Center

"There was a perfect amount of communication! There was nothing that Deanna could have done to serve me better. I will most definitely recommend her for all the above reasons, plus Deanna is just so easy to work with. I have always tried to recommend several lenders to my buyers, so as not to steer them to any one particular lender. However, I have now started also telling them which lender I sent my own daughter to, so they will know which of the names I give them is, in my opinion, the best one out there. That would be you, Deanna! Thanks again for your hard work & determination to find a way to make this work!"
- Dru M, Charlotte Homes and Rentals

"It was a great experience working with you and I WILL refer you to other buyer clients! Your service and communication was stellar!
- Kathleen M, ReMax/Executive

"The experience with you was excellent. You kept me in the loop all the time and it was wonderful. Yes, I will be a partner and I will recommend you to my clients. Tell your boss to give you a raise, because it was such a pleasure to work with you and you kept me so well informed."
- Linda M, Lake and Town Realty, Huntersville, NC

"I am a Realtor in Charlotte and have been working with Deanna Valeo for several years. My clients have always been extremely pleased with the high level of service provided by Deanna. However, her association with Fairway has taken it to an even higher level. Fairway communicates every step of the process to me and they get the loan approved in record time. Excellent service! Excellent communication!"
- Lynn J, Realtor, Charlotte, NC

"Deanna has years of experience and gets the job done faster than any lender I have ever seen and she is on top of every aspect of the transaction. Deanna is quick at getting client approved and through. She explains the process to the client and always keeps the agent and client informed from the application process, to underwriting, to the settlement statement, and is always available for questions."
- Rhonda K, Keller Williams, Ballantyne, NC

"Deanna Valeo is a very competent mortgage banker and knows how to walk the client through the process from beginning to end. I can send a client over to Deanna and feel confident that she will have them pre-approved in a timely manner or she will let me know where we stand while putting the client on a program to improve their situation in order to accomplish their goal of buying a home. I've worked with many mortgage bankers throughout my real estate career and I've found Deanna to be the most reliable of all mortgage bankers that I have worked with. I can trust Deanna to do the right thing with any of my clients and I am confident that we will continue to have a successful working relationship moving forward."
- Randy A, NC & SC Real Estate Broker with ReMax Executive Realty/NC General Contractor Owner of Adkins Builders, LLC.

"Deanna is a professional all the way around! She knows the home mortgage business inside and out. Deanna delivers what she promises and doesn't over promise to win business. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a mortgage for either a new home purchase or a refinance."
- Lori S, Owner, First Priority Realty, Inc

"I first met Deanna about 7 years ago at a real estate investing association meeting. She is extremely knowledgeable and understands her clients needs' in the real estate market. Deanna always provides the best products to fit your need and operates her business with a high level of integrity. I highly recommend Deanna and her services."
- Michael M, RE Investor & Owner, Bee Home Solutions, Inc.

"Deanna is a full-service mortgage banker who delivers quick and accurate financial advice to her clients. She is more accessible than most mortgage bankers and has a deep understanding of the loan products she offers to her clients."
- Victor A, Broker NC/SC, Realtor, Savvy and Company, Ltd

"I have worked with Deanna on my personal mortgage needs as well as those of my real estate clients. She loves a challenge and knows all the ins and outs of the ever-changing mortgage world. She is a bottom-line kind of woman who is extremely ethical and ALWAYS gets the job done no matter how complicated. I really enjoy working with her and trust her completely."
- Sue B, Real Estate Broker, Box Realty

"Deanna is a top professional in her field. She consistently delivers outstanding results due to her tenacity, her people skills, and her confidence. I am fortunate to have connected with her and I recommend contacting her for your mortgage needs in the Charlotte, NC area."
- Matt R, Realtor/ Rialty Real Estate LLC

"You attended the closing, and the loan was not even a big one. You came to the closing table to support the closing. You made a great impression on everyone. Out of all the years I have been in real estate, I have not seen the level of professionalism and follow-up that you displayed."
- Donnie T, Realtor, The Carl Walker Group, LLC

"You've always taken care of our clients, and Renee and I have definitely noticed. It seems like we've had a few transactions blow up in our faces in the past two years and you're always able to work your magic and set things right when everything has seemingly gone wrong. Everything went perfectly fine with the closing and I owe a lot of that to you. Thanks for all that you did to make sure that deal closed on time. You're awesome!"
- Victor A, Realtor, Savvy + Company Real Estate

"I just wanted to tell you how great my experience has been. I had my first closing with Deanna last Thursday. This was a conventional loan but the sale situation was anything but conventional. It was an estate sale on a house that had layers of problems from a sinking foundation to live termites and patch jobs in the hardwood floors hidden under well-executed staging. Without Deanna's lead and guidance this closing would have been a disaster. Instead it ended with eight people at the closing table all exchanging happy, heartfelt hugs when it was all complete. Yeah Deanna!!! Deanna is also working with me on a first time buyer USDA loan and another first time buyer using a VA loan. All my buyers absolutely adore her and she is teaching us all about the many, many things we need to know regarding these types of loans. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have Deanna in our corner."
- Denise C, Realtor, Weichert Realtors

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Deanna Valeo. The transaction couldn't have gone more seamlessly and any roadblocks we experienced were handled immediately by Deanna and her team. Their communication throughout the process with not only me, but my client was unprecedented. Deanna fielded an immense number of phone calls and questions from my first time home buyer. She always responded immediately, ensuring my client that everything was being taken care of and he was in good hands. My client had multiple options of mortgage vendors to work with, but I can honestly say that this transaction and closing wouldn't have been as seamless or have happened on time if we were not working with Deanna. My client was extremely pleased with the service that she provided. She is a great asset to our company and I plan to recommend her not only to all my clients, but my coworkers as well."
- Jamie J, Realtor, Weichert Realtors

"It's been just over a week since we closed the Palominos and Zachary Kane, and what an amazing job you did! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you always saying what you'll do and then doing what you said. My clients and I couldn't have had a more perfect transaction and both of them were thrilled to not only close on time, but in some cases ahead of schedule. That is really unheard-of these days. Today I shared with my coach how persistent you were over time in gaining my trust and how I really enjoy your follow-up emails and updates about the market. I really could have dominated the call with gushing about you for 10 minutes without taking a breath!"
- Natalie T, Realtor, Keller Williams - Ballantyne

"I can't say enough about how Deanna and Todd operate. They are by far above and beyond any other mortgage broker/loan officer I've worked with. They are honest and very knowledgeable, and are always thinking many steps ahead. They help set realistic expectations for my clients to make the whole process that much smoother. Truly a unique business partnership!"
- Mike D, Realtor, Briley Burris & Associates

"Among her many talents, Deanna takes on hard clients and does her best to help them. She is honest, creative and forthright. You can take what she says to the bank!"
- Darrell H, Realtor, Savvy & Company Real Estate

"It has been a slice of heaven working with everyone in your office since day ONE!"
- Jeff C, Realtor, Childs Realty Services

"The Valeo-Croy Team scores a '10.' My experience was fantastic. I will be sending you many clients!"
- Sandra G, Realtor, The McDevitt Agency

"I just wanted to let you know how great Deanna was. I gave her name to a past client who's looking to buy an investment property, and she called my client right back and helped her understand the process. I think what impressed me most is that Deanna treats all prospects the same. She doesn't look at the price of the property. To her they all deserve great service."
- Precious H-F, Realtor, Weichert Realtors

"I recently represented a newlywed couple in the purchase of their first home. While under contract my clients and all involved became very, very frustrated by the actions of a VERY incompetent lender. Due to the negligent actions of this lender we almost lost the deal. Panicked after experiencing such an ordeal, I called Deanna on a recommendation from Kathy Rebhan. I had not yet worked with her, but by the first time I talked to Deanna I knew she was all about business and that this experience was going to be different. It seemed strange at first to call someone that actually answered the phone! It seemed strange to email someone that actually responded! Promises kept and deadlines met...Deanna was on top of it! She was the last piece of this puzzle that we needed to make it or break it - and she made it happen."
- Charisse W, Realtor, Weichert Realtors

"We had a smooth and wonderful closing today, thanks to YOU! I want to once again express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who cooperated to make this happen - so FAST and without complications! I'm known as the 'one who always gets it done'...however, I have to share that compliment with all of you because without YOUR HELP, I wouldn't be able to get it done! I look forward to a successful and continued business relationship with you! Once again, from the heart - THANK YOU!"
- Jurgen S, Realtor, Kraft Professional Realty

"I want to thank you so much for working so diligently with me on our previous loan as well as this new construction loan."
- Andrea L, Realtor, Allen Tate Realtors

"Thanks again for making the Beylin transaction go smoothly. I always appreciate your professionalism and I know Igor did as well."
- Nina H, Realtor, Re/Max Executive Realty


Attorneys, Financial Consultants and other raving fans....

"I have known Deanna and Todd for over 11 years and The Valeo-Croy Team can get things done that most loan officers in this business would have given up on.  They are miracle workers."
- Tracy Frick, Esq., Partner at FrickTrent, PLLC

"Deanna is very professional and efficient. I would consider her an expert in her field and am happy to recommend her to anyone looking for a mortgage consultant. I have referred clients to her and always receive the feedback that she was amazing with the service and care she displayed. Everyone felt she truly had their best interest at heart and walked away happy and satisfied with the results!"
- Melissa T, Registered Representative, Park South Group Financial Planner.

"Deanna stands alone as the best source for residential lending in the Charlotte market and throughout the Mid Atlantic area. When I refer my clients to her I am confident that they will receive prompt service and expertise to guide them thru the loan process."
- Deane T, Commercial Business Development Officer, Charlotte Metro Credit Union

"When you are ready for a mortgage or to refinance, Deanna and her team should be the first people to call. She will educate you and walk you through each step of the process. More importantly, she is an excellent resource for any questions when you have them. If it's best for you not to do anything in your situation, Deanna will tell you and look out for your best interest."
- Keith T, Financial Planner

"Proficient at what she does, Deanna exemplifies the person I want to refer my customers and my friends to for a mortgage. She is thorough and works for her customers. She makes customers and friends for life when she handles your loan."
- Pam S Insurance Broker, Carolina Industrial Agency

"Deanna has always maintained a professional manner in all transactions that I have closed with her. Her integrity and professionalism are prime examples of how individuals should interact with each other in a working environment. It is always a pleasure to work with Deanna!"
- Samantha T, Real Estate Attorney, Samantha H. Terres, PLLC

"Deanna is great! I have found her to be very professional and most knowledgeable in the mortgage industry. I have very much enjoyed my association with Deanna and highly recommend her and her firm."
- Maria O, Financial Adviser, New York Life

"Looking for a Mortgage Loan Consultant with experience and expertise? Deanna fits the bill. She is passionate about helping her clients understand the mortgage process. She helps them through the process which can be difficult with all the changes in the market in this past year. She follows up and stays in touch with clients. She knows the products and programs available. Deanna is a professional and loves her job. She is also the ultimate networker. If you don't know Deanna, you should." Hallie Hawkins, JD & CCRR® & CITRMS®, Co-Founder and Trainer, Get it Together"Deanna and her colleagues provided superior mortgage services making our recent residential closing a seamless event."
- Jack S, Attorney, Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP & Homeowner

"Deanna was a top Loan Officer for us at American Home Mortgage and previously for me at Washington Mutual. She always has a successful plan. She is positive. She takes great care of her internal and external customers. She has the ability to develop amazing rapport with others, and quickly. She sets aggressive goals and then blows them away - always. Her marketing plans are on target and effective. Deanna also served on our AHM National Sales Council, giving advice to Executives as we formed policies and made changes. As she consistently achieved President's Club status by exceeding volume and revenue targets, her direction was valuable and appreciated. Deanna is an excellent mortgage sales person and I recommend her fully."
-Kathleen H, Executive Vice President, American Home Mortgage

"I have been working with Deanna since 2003. She is very detail and task oriented, and she takes the time to make sure everything happens on time and correctly. Probably one of the best endorsements I can give for Deanna is that she is who I entrusted my family members to on two different occasions. In this time of change in the real estate market, Deanna is a person you need to have on your side of the table."
- Jamie K, Attorney, Brady & Kosofsky

"Deanna has referred our moving company to numerous clients of hers, and needless to say, she already has the move sold for us before we even complete the estimate. Her clients value her opinion so much, they will go in any direction she sends them, whether it's her own business or referring to others. We have several relationships with mortgage consultants around the Charlotte metro area and Deanna Valeo is second to no one on this list. We've created a very strong relationship with her over the past 10 years, and I can't say enough about her. She is a terrific woman and a dynamo of a worker. Each client speaks of Deanna in the same light. Every move we do based on Deanna's referrals, there's always about a 15-minute conversation on how Deanna took such good care of them."
- Todd K, T-N-T Moving Systems

"Although some may not realize it now, I know from personal experience that the information you two shared with the class saved them years on their learning curve. The ones that will venture into real estate investing will soon understand and appreciate your expertise and know why you two are playing the game at the top level. Once again thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge. It's greatly appreciated."
- Turk A, Instructor at CPCC

"I would recommend Deanna without reservation. The most important requirement for a loan consultant is follow through and attention to detail. Deanna excels at both."
- Jack G, CPA, Davies, Goldstein & Associates

"I have sent clients to Deanna and they have loved her for her professionalism and her knowledge of her field. I would highly recommend Deanna to anyone that wants a great lender, or who wants someone to refer their clients to. She is thorough, detailed and really knows what she is doing. Deanna can be counted on to do a great job and do it quickly."
- Shay P, Financial and Legal Education Expert, Get It Together

"I've worked with Deanna for several years and have found her to be one of the best in the business. She is extremely knowledgeable, eager to help, and willing to listen. She is easily accessible and our mutual clients have always given her great praise on her services."
- Keith C, Agent at Liberty Mutual Group

"I have recommended Todd to a number of my clients and he has served them very well. He is an excellent resource for all items related to the mortgage industry, and more importantly, looks out for the client each step of the way."
- Keith T, Financial Strategist

"Deanna and her team are a pleasure to work with from start to finish. What I appreciated most was her willingness to go the extra mile to help me to understand every ounce of the loan process. Additionally, I have recommended several clients to her and everyone comes away feeling empowered and more informed about the loan process. I would continue to work with Deanna and really appreciate her helping my clients in a seamless manner."
- Robert L, Financial Advisor, Allstate Financial Services

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