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Choosing a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make. You have a variety of options, and your budget, long-term financial goals, how long you plan to stay in the house and other factors all play a role. We are here to guide you, and help you make the right decisions.

Mortgage loans are frequently sold on the open market to larger investors, including Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When GSEs purchase a large number of mortgages, they issue mortgage-backed bonds or Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) to investors. MBSs allow banks to re-lend the money in the form of mortgages. We are able to offer a wide range of mortgage solutions, including various interest rates and loan structures, because we work with a number of different institutions.

In this section you'll find a wealth of information related to mortgage categories, mortgage insurance and more. Take the time to browse and learn how to choose the mortgage program that offers you the best value. In Resources & Tools, you'll find a variety of calculators and other information to help you get started. Or, feel free to make contacting us your first step.


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